Saturday, August 13, 2005

BlogMap Me Please, A Guide

Chandu Thota, the BlogMap creator, had done another great job in coming up with FeedMap BlogExplorer!
Now, you can submit your blog's location accurately (decently accurate) using the FeedMap BlogExplorer!.
Go to FeedMap BlogExplorer!:
Right-Click on your location and click on "Add a Blog" menu item.

You still need to have a valid RSS and ATOM feed though.


For BlogDrive bloggers, please start here.


BEFORE attempting anything, please first read through the steps below..

** The following tips are for GENERALLY intended for blogs hosted on ( | and in the area of Subang Jaya, Selangor :) **

Step 1: Get a blog
(obvious, but not technically neccessary)
To get yourself blogmap'd first of all you need a blog!

Step 2: Get a geo-tag
The next step is to insert geo-tags of the following format with into your web page's header tag, i.e. between <HEAD></HEAD> in your blog HTML code block.
<meta name="ICBM" content="[latitude], [longitude]" />
<meta name="geo.position" content="[latitude];[longitude]" />

Like i mentioned on my previous post, the [latitude] and [longitude] tags holds the value of your current location in decimal degree coordinate values.
Typically, i will insert it after the <$BlogMetaData$> which you will find in your Blogger's Edit Template section.

For Subang Jaya bloggers you can use this
<meta name="ICBM" content="3.07755, 101.59000" />
<meta name="geo.position" content="3.07755;101.59000" />

Check out my previous post for some suggestion to find other coordinates. Or check out the links below: -
Worldwide:US only:

Before you proceed, make sure you save the changes and republish your blog. (you can choose republish index only)

Step 3: Get registered
The third step is to get your blog registered.
Go to the BlogMap blog submit page.
At the "Enter your blog (or feed) url" textbox, enter your blog address e.g. "".
Then click "Submit Blog!"

Step 4: Get a badge!
If you have been successful up till now ...

CONGRATULATIONS! You have been BlogMap'd

Now, that you have been blogmap'd i am sure you want to display it on your blog.
After a successful registration in the previous step, you will be directed to a page that gives you the code to be inserted into your blog to display your blogmap.
At the "Adding BlogMap to Your Blog" section, Copy paste the following html source to display your blogmap badge.

It should look like something like this
<script type="text/javascript" src="

Copy this an paste it where you want it to appear on your blog (which, in my case, i placed it on my sidebar)

Finally, republish your side voilà!

Hope that this have been helpful, all the best!

This post was inspired by the feedback requesting for less technical instruction, hope this helps :P

BlogMap FAQ #1 - ERROR: undeclared namespace prefix

... 3 new neighbloggers and counting up! welcome to the neighbloghood


Chandu Thota said...

Thanks for this; I have linked it here:


Parasonix said...

hey kuan...
u cant gr8 help ur blog has been...and thnx chandu for the same as well..i've been tryin to fix my blogmap since the last whole week...but cldnt find any thing tht cld help me learn abt geo tags...

thx a zillion..

U can check mine out Parablogs


Anonymous said...

when I try to add the blogmap, it takes up so much room on my blog. How did you get your blogmap box to be small enough to fit into your sidebar?

Kuan Cheen said...

anonynous 20051003013256: hi, well i just place in a div under the sidebar. will need more inforamtion from you, e.g. you doing this on a blog hoster or your own? it will be a great help if you can leave your link and i will drop by for a look. cheers, kuan cheen

WiseSabre said...

im getting this error "Unable to store blog. Please try again later. [ERROR: 'o' is an undeclared namespace. Line 197, position 420.]"

i have added geo tags to my what the problem?

Kuan Cheen said...

wisesabre: hi, basically the problem is caused by the data of your xml feed. You can test you feed by pasting and browse to this link, It actually incidates the problem that the xml parser faced when trying to render your page. The main cause seems to be that your posts (e.g. post titled: کڑی چکن آۓ , posted on October 2, 2005) contain some elements that are not recognised by the xml parser, specifically the
<o:p> and </o:p> tags. I will suggest that you may want to try to edit your post in HTML mode and remove those tags. Hope it works for you. Cheers!

Kuan Cheen said...

wisesabre: sorry, the title is کڑی چکن آۓ, some how it was rendered incorrectly

WiseSabre said...

Thank you for your kind help.
I'll review my post and try to fix them.


Kuan Cheen said...

wisesabre: sure, no probs, my pleasure!

Six said...

Hi, Kuan Cheen!

I thank you for the tutorial, but I just want to confirm something. Isn't it supposed to be "quotes" around ICBM and not 'ICBM' in the code?

Example: <meta name="ICBM" content="3.07755, 101.59000" />

Please confirm, thanks! :)

Kuan Cheen said...

davetta: actually both should work, but for the sake of avoiding future confusion I will gladly make the changes,thanks for the pointers ;) hope you get your map up soon

Prerona said...

hey! this was cool! thank you! :)

may i also suggest you add a step for what to do if it says tags not found - ie enter the cor-ords urself and press enter :D

Ross said...


I put in my coordinates manually first which turned out to be wrong, so I added the geo tags to do the update:

The code I use is:

But I get this error message when I try and update:Unable to store blog. Please try again later. [ERROR: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: value]

Please help!



Ross said...

Forgot the tag code (which is in the header):

meta name="geo.position" content="48.8919;8.7114">
meta name="ICBM" content="48.8919, 8.7114" />
meta name="DC.title" content="EuroRoss Update Central">



Kuan Cheen said...

prerona: thanks for the feedback ;) will add it in.

ross: a link to a website will help much but will try to work with the info you gave. First of all all the three meta tags above does not have an opening tag "<" not sure it was wrongly formatted by Goggle Comment or not. However the first and last meta tags definitely missing a proper closing tags. Instead of ">" it should have been " />". All the best!

PRan said...

Got the same problem as ross. When I try to update my location after adding geo tags & ICBM data, I get the error message "Unable to store blog. Please try again later. [ERROR: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: value]"
I am unable to figure out how to put my meta tags part in this comment box.

my blog is

Pls help.

PRan said...

Thaks for the visit Kuan,
But I am still unable to update my location after I added the geo tags & ICBM data. I cannot figure out the problem.

katy said...

Thank you for your help and I already add my blogmap sucessfully. However, I am suffering the same problem as Ross and Pran. The system gave the same message to me (Unable to store blog. Please try again later. [ERROR: Value cannot be null Parameter name: value]) and I don't know how to fix it...

Here is the tag I use:
<meta name="ICBM" content="22.42115, 114.2241944" />
<meta name="geo.position" content="22.42115, 114.2241944" />
and I put is in the header.

Please help and Thanks a lot!!!!

Fahd Mirza said...

Thanks, due to your post, I mapped my blog.

vinod kumar said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
vinod kumar said...

thanks for the information kuan. I am getting a problem. Whenever i am clicking the mouse on my blog, it is showing a dialogue box with the message "Stack overflow at line: 54". Can you help me out? my blog.

vinod kumar said...

I have fixed the problem. Anyway thanks for the information about the blogmap.

gabriel g. said...

Hi. I get the same problem than Katy and Pran: I'm unable to update my location, as I've set my geo-location.

Thanks for your help.

whatalotoffun said...

nope cant do it at all where is the header please help

Kuan Cheen said...

[hi people]: Sorry for the long silence. been away from blogging for ages. both physically and mentally impaired :P hope that some of you managed to resolve the issues. if not, let me try to help :)

[PRan & gabriel g.]: hmmm... i'm actually at wits' end with this too. i have contacted chandu and hopefully we will hear from him soon. btw, he can be contacted by clicking on the "Send'em" link here.

[katy]: sorry for the late reply, looks like you managed to get your blogmap going, just wondering how you managed to do it? care to share it with the rest? anyway, take care and thanks for dropping by.

[Fahd Mirza]: glad to be of assistance. welcome to the neighbloghood

[vinod]: hi hi, great to hear you managed to resolve your problem, i guess it would have to do with magical little things call javascript :)

[whatalotoffun]: hi, i will start with the assumption that you know how to edit the template of your blog and the fact you are hosting your blog on blogspot :). look out for (you can use the Find functionality of your web browser) the tag "<HEAD>". this is the beginning of your "<HEAD>" tag. then continue few lines (can be quite a few lines, depending on the template you have chosen) you shall find the "</HEAD>" which marks the end of the HEAD section. i would suggest that you place the meta tags right after the "<$BlogMetaData$>" which in the HEAD section. hope this helps. :)

Apoplexy said...

xtremely usefull.thansk somuch

Kuan Cheen said...

apoplexy: no prob bro! thanks for dropping by ^^

Val said...

Hey there, really helpful site - it helped me a ton when I originally set up my map thingy. Originally I just entered the coords manually and that worked fine. Right now I'm trying to update my location and I have added geo tags to my site to help me do that, but when I hit "Update my location" I get this error: Unable to store blog. Please try again later. [ERROR: 'st1' is an undeclared namespace. Line 67, position 69.]. I read about a similar error someone was having above - could this have anything to do with text in my blog that has accent marks and things? Also, is it possible to change my coords manually again if this method of updating it automatically doesn't work? Thanks a lot for your help!

Kuan Cheen said...

val: hi, sorry for the late reply. i have just dropped by your blog and looks like you have your blogmap up and you have it locked on Budapest. I guess you managed to change the coordinates as well. Well, for the benefit of the rest, would you mind sharing how you managed to solve it? My guess will be, you got it about the accent marks and 'things' :)

Val said...

Hi again,
Actually I still haven't solved it. The blogMap I have up still has the original coordinates I managed to enter manually and I haven't been able to update those coordinates since then (now that I have changed location). I'm still not sure what the problem is - when I look at the RSS feed it seems to be read correctly and all of the symbols display properly. I'll have to play around with it some more when I have some time and see if there's a solution. Meanwhile, if anyone out there knows what the problem is please share! :)
(The error I'm getting is "Unable to store blog. Please try again later. [ERROR: 'st1' is an undeclared namespace. Line 67, position 69.]." just for reference)

Kuan Cheen said...

Hi, it looks like your 2005-10-17 entry entitled "Saturday Fun Times" is giving the problem.

I always find checking on my XML RSS feed to be helpful. To check, open this link on you browser "http://[yourblogname]".

In your case, it threw this error:-
Reference to undeclared namespace prefix: 'st1'. Error processing resource 'http://[yourblogname]'. Line 67...

Basically, XML does not recognised your <st1:time> tag that is used to display your time entry.

To rectify this just edit the manually and replace it with plain text, i.e., instead of

[Written on Sunday 10/16/7<st1:time minute="0" hour="17">05 3PM</st1:time> (Bud time)]

change it to simply

[Written on Sunday 10/16/05 3PM (Bud time)]

Hope that helps! All the best!

Val said...

Hi again, thanks a lot for your help. I have the st1 and o namespace errors all resolved now, but I get a new error: [ERROR: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: value]. When I look at my XML RSS feed as you have suggested I actually don't get any errors, the page displays just fine (it didn't throw any errors before with the namespace thing either). Which browser are you using that points out the error? I tried IE7 and Mozilla Firefox and both were able to show the XML RSS feed.

Thanks again!

Val said...

Update - my map seems to have updated itself even though I got that error while trying to update. Weird.
Sorry for flooding your comments section and thanks for being helpful!

Inder Sen said...

Thanx Kuan for tht valuble info on FeedMap...
btw i have a problem...can u just trry to solve it...

I got my blog registered with Feedmap as u have said...and entered the lat and long manually.

But after getting the code i realised tht i entered wrong val for lat and long. so i deleted the code which i have pasted in my template code.

now when i want to update my location it is giving me ah error stating
Unable to store blog. Please try again later. [ERROR: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: value]

now i dont even have tht past code...

Plz help me out...
my blog is

ExpatJane said...

Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but when I initially submitted my blog, I got three options. I choose the smaller textbox, but now I want to find the code for the feedmap for my sidebar. I can't seem to get one. How do I do this? Also, I have blogspot and I have no idea what my rss feed is.

Himanshu Virkar said...

Hi Kuan,

First up, lemme thank you for the gr8 job done. This information was helpful to get the map on my site. However, like some1 already mentioned - I gave my co-ordintaed using manual method. They turned out to be wrong. Then I'm using the update location method on the site, but not able to get it through. Gives me error "Unable to store blog. Please try again later. [ERROR: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: value]".
My geo.tags in header are as follows -
meta name="ICBM" content="18.96000, 79.82000" />

meta name="geo.position" content="18.10000;79.82000" />

meta name="geo.placename" content="Mumbai (Bombay)" />

('<' removed since was not able to post comment)
just under <$BlogMetaData$>

Pls help.... or


Kuan Cheen said...

ExpatJane: Hi, your RSS feed should be http://[yourblogname]

By the way, do you still face difficulty getting your blog re-configured. Just curious whether you came across the same error as Inder and Himanshu bumped into?

"Unable to store blog. Please try again later. [ERROR: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: value]"

ExpatJane, Inder Sen, Himanshu Virkar:
Hi, apparently there seems to be a problem when trying to resubmit coordinates or republish the blogmaps.
I have mailed the creator of BlogMap (FeedMap), Chandu Thota, the creator, and have not received any feedbacks yet. Alternatively, you can contact him directly by click on the "Send'em" link at the bottom of this page.

Inder Sen:
For your past codes, try using this whether it still works.
<script type="text/javascript" src="


German said...

Please, check my blog to see what is wrong with my geotag there.

When I registered my blog in feedmap I got a wrong place. So I'm trying to update the location.
But every time I get this error:

Unable to store blog. Please try again later. [ERROR: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: value]

Thank you !

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annerose said...

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Diana said...

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